The best beaches of Aruba

Good, better, best: it’s difficult to choose between all the beaches on Aruba. Are you looking for the finest or whitest sand, or clearest water? Perhaps something shallow and suitable for children? Or something impressive or maybe even festive? Aruba has it all. Each beach is unique in its own way, so you’ll always find one meeting your needs.

The famous Divi Divi trees

The famous Divi Divi trees

The breathtaking Eagle Beach

Even if you’ve never been to Aruba before, you may very well recognise the picture of 2 Divi Divi trees on a pearly white beach. They can be seen in many an advertising campaign and wedding picture series. The Divi Divi trees owe their shape to the trade winds. You’ll find them on Eagle Beach: possibly the most breathtaking beach in the Leeward Islands. At any rate, it’s the widest, whitest and softest. This is probably why it’s also popular among the numerous sea turtles that come to lay their eggs here.

A dock in Palm Beach

A dock in Palm Beach

People-watching at Palm Beach

Palm Beach is Aruba’s best beach for people-watching from under your palapa — and for napping, snorkelling, fishing, sailing or whatever is your heart’s desire. Here you’ll find the high-rises of luxury resorts. They have the best sand just outside their doorsteps, as only the powdered sugar sand remains after it is sifted daily to remove stones and pebbles. Order a refreshing cocktail from one of the numerous open air bars and stick around for dinner to enjoy the sunset.

Baby Beach

Baby Beach

Children’s paradise at Baby Beach

The warm and shallow water makes Baby Beach the ultimate children’s paradise. Here, parents can relax in the shade of a sea grape tree, while the kids play freely. Life is easy and the facilities are what they should be. Further from shore, older children can snorkel in the kaleidoscopic fish kingdom around the coral reef. In other words, it’s a Caribbean beach that’s perfect for young families.

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