Ticket prices

Your final ticket price includes taxes, surcharges, and possible extra (booking) fees. Learn more about the exact breakdown of your ticket price.

About our ticket prices

When booking online, we always show you the lowest priced fare type available. You can change it to a fare type with more benefits and other conditions (such as more baggage or flexibility to change your travel dates). This may result in a higher ticket price.

Our ticket prices displayed on klm.com include all taxes and surcharges:

  • Airport tax for all airports where you’ll depart, arrive, or transfer
  • Security surcharge to cover insurance and security measures
  • International surcharge imposed by the carrier

You can find your total ticket price, as well as a breakdown of the fare, taxes, surcharges, and extra fees, at various steps during your online booking. After booking, you can find it in your booking confirmation e-mail and in My Trip.

Booking fees

Booking fees are not included in the ticket price and are added during booking. A higher fee will be applied for bookings made via our KLM Customer Contact Centre or a KLM Ticket Office than for online bookings. The online booking fee differs per country; you don’t have to pay any online booking fees in most countries.