Sustainable aviation fuel

Together, we can work on increasing the amount of sustainable aviation fuel and make a direct impact. Read about the benefits of this type of fuel and how you can help.

Your contribution

Sustainable aviation fuel (also called SAF) reduces at least 75% of CO2 emissions, compared to the use of traditional fossil fuel. In other words: SAF is the most sustainable fuel alternative.

As of 2022, we’ll blend a small percentage of SAF for every KLM flight departing from Amsterdam. Yes, today we’re still talking about small amounts of SAF, delivering only minor reductions in CO2 emissions. Unfortunately, there is very little production capacity available in the world. This means that SAF is at least 2 to 3 times more expensive.

To help us cover the higher price, we’ve added a few euros to our ticket prices, based on the distance of each flight. In Economy Class, this addition is between EUR 1 and EUR 4; in Business Class it’s between EUR 1,50 and EUR 12. This way, you reduce the CO2 emissions of your flight and contribute to a larger share of this sustainable fuel.

Extra SAF contribution

Want to contribute even more? You can choose to pay extra to cover a percentage of the difference between regular fossil fuel and sustainable aviation fuel. The price is based on the carbon footprint of your trip and depends on multiple factors, such as the distance of your route and the aircraft type.

You can find the price per destination in our extensive overview. Prices are based on departure from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We don’t have an overview of all possible routes, but you can see the exact price for the percentage of SAF you want to contribute to in My Trip or when you book a flight.

View the sustainable aviation fuel price overview

CO2ZERO programme

Besides SAF, our CO2ZERO programme also includes our reforestation project. You’re in control: choose if you fully want to contribute to SAF or contribute to both.

How is SAF made?

You might wonder what makes sustainable aviation fuel better for the environment. SAF is a clean substitute for fossil kerosene. This fuel is made from sustainable resources like waste oils from biological origin, such as used cooking oil. This means the fuel is cleaner, reduces emissions, and has a very low fine-particle emission, which is important for the air quality. We can blend SAF with conventional fuel, meeting the same specifications as fossil kerosene.