A relaxing weekend holiday

Gothenburg is well known for its relaxed atmosphere, vastness and amazing nature. Book a flight to Gothenburg and visit Gothenburg Cathedral, the New Alvsborg Fort or enjoy a rollercoaster at Liseberg amusement park. You’ll find the beautiful Gothenburg archipelago just outside of the city. This area is studded with islands, picturesque fishing villages and dozens of animal species.

Everything within walking distance

In Gothenburg, almost everything is nearby. You can see the covered market halls, the Cathedral or the harbour all by foot. Don't miss Nordstan, a shopping centre that gives a wonderful impression of what Sweden has to offer in terms of modern design. In the Haga district, you’ll find numerous restaurants and quirky shops. The old town is surrounded by a moat, so it’s fun to explore the city on a boat tour. Gothenburg is not only the ideal destination for weekend holidays but also the starting point for a longer vacation in Sweden. Treat yourself: book a flight to Gothenburg now!

Book a flight to Gothenburg

From Avenyn to The Butterfly House

Everyone always ends up on the city’s showpiece, boulevard Avenyn. This fun street is packed with cafes, restaurants and pubs. Go to the end of Avenyn and see Götaplatsen with the City Theatre, the Museum of Art and of course the Concert Hall, where you can hear Gothenburg symphony orchestra. For relaxing green surroundings, visit Trädgårdsföreningen, which is in the middle of the city. This splendid park boasts Sweden’s most important rose garden and can enjoy the colourful butterflies in the Butterfly House here.

Flights to Gothenburg for a unique holiday

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