Discover Belgrade: the White City

Looking for a surprising European destination? Book a flight to Belgrade and discover the capital of Serbia. Stroll along the banks of the Danube and Sava rivers and feel the energy of the city on the Kneza Mihaila promenade. Many buildings in Belgrade are made from a characteristic white stone, which is why the city is known as ‘Beograd’ or the ‘White City’.

Street art and tempting terraces

Belgrade is a surprisingly multi-faceted city. Thanks to its cobblestones and bohemian atmosphere, the old, bustling Skadarlija district resembles Montmartre in Paris, whereas the former industrial Savamala district is reminiscent of Berlin. Derelict warehouses have been given a second lease of life here as exhibition spaces or bars, and colourful street art flirts playfully with the drab, industrial buildings. The Zemun district has a village feel with old houses and inviting terraces on the banks of the famous Danube River.

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Beating heart of the city

The wide promenade of Kneza Mihaila spans the city and its art deco buildings, restaurants and shops make it the beating heart of the city. Walk from Republic Square towards Kalemegdan Park and visit the city’s most important symbol – Belgrade Fortress. Kalemegdan Park sits where the Sava and Danube rivers cross and is popular among locals and visitors due to its winding footpaths and phenomenal views. Belgrade also has lots for art lovers, thanks to the recently reopened Museum for Contemporary Art and the many independent galleries dotted around the city.

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