The Sustainable Flight Challenge

Although sustainability is not a game, gamification will push the boundaries and encourage creativity. That’s why we initiated The Sustainable Flight Challenge: 16 airlines will give it all, to fly their most sustainable flight and share their experience.

A win-win challenge

The Sustainable Flight Challenge is not really about the rewards. It’s about putting our heads together, being responsible, and finding new ideas and practical solutions. Everyone wins. As members of SkyTeam, we don’t compete on safety, nor should we on sustainability. With this challenge, we want to bring about faster innovation for sustainable aviation. So that reuniting with loved ones on the other side of the world or growing your business in Europe will still be possible in a sustainable way in the future.

Rules, participants and awards

The challenge is for airlines to collaborate on sustainability instead of competing. United we can inspire, accelerate, and change the industry. And meet our ambitious climate goals.

Innovation from check-in to baggage belt

We challenge all our colleagues to broaden their perspectives and to think outside the box. For the participating KLM flights, the whole company is taking part and helping. At Cargo, for example, they’re working on the ‘green flower lane’. Flowers arrive from Aalsmeer in solar panel trucks. In our warehouse, they’re handled using electric equipment, reusable covers and recycled plastic. Even crew members are thinking with us: if they usually drive to the airport by car, they now will take a train or drive electrically.

KLM staff

Share knowledge

After the Challenge, all participating airlines will share best practices and knowledge in a post-flight event. Participants can partake in workshops about waste management, optimum flight routes, sustainable ground handling, and cargo. And of course, the prizes will be awarded.

What is SkyTeam?

KLM is part of SkyTeam, a global network of 19 airlines working together to provide millions of passengers with the very best travel experience. We aim to challenge ourselves, each other, and the industry to innovate. We want a sustainable future for aviation and innovation is part of that. Innovation will help us to transition from flying more to flying better.

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Pushing boundaries in 2023

In 2023, the Sustainable Flight Challenge will once more be hosted by SkyTeam. Apart from SkyTeam members, other airlines will also be invited to participate. Sharing and using existing innovations in the industry on a large scale will impact sustainable flying. It will push the boundaries. And we are planning to raise the bar every year when the Sustainable Flight Challenge takes place!